June 9: The Frozen Tundra!

‘Sup pups?

We left this morning, hearts heavy because we had to leave one set of Grandparents. But as I’ve learned, you can lose one set of Grandparents and gain another set of Grandparents in just a few hours … more on that later.

So we’re driving the construction-ridden Highway 41, and look what we see, way way way off in the distance?


No, not the crane. The top of Lambeau Field is way off in the distance.

We were headed to Lambeau Field, home of “The Frozen Tundra”!

My Mom and Dad love Green Bay Packers games – it’s how they met in college.

We approached hallowed ground.


But stadium construction efforts led to consternation within the coach.

  • Dad: “I can’t find a way to get into the parking lot.”
  • Mom: “Turn left up ahead and go back.”
  • Dad: “I think I’ll go this way, I’m turning right.”
  • Mom: “What are you doing? I told you to turn left.”
  • Dad: “I’m just looking for a place to get into the stadium.”
  • Mom: “Don’t turn right again, there are low power lines crossing the road.”
  • Dad: “We’ve got to get into the parking lot.”
  • Mom: “What are you doing? You are turning right again. Oh God, you’re going to hit the branches on that tree.”
  • Dad: “If we keep turning right, we’ll end up back in the same place we were before, and we can get back into that lone entrance into the stadium.”
  • Mom: “If you had turned left when I told you to turn left, we’d already be there.”
  • Dad: “Help me find a way into the stadium.”

Ten minutes later.

  • Mom: “Oh God, that power line is going to wrap around the tree branches and take the whole top of the rig off.”
  • Dad: “One more turn to the right and we’re there honey.”
  • Mom: “We’re running out of gas.”

Ten minutes later.

  • Mom: “Just park right there.”
  • Dad: “I need the car to be straight behind the RV.”
  • Mom: “Just park right there.
  • Dad: “I’m going to make a full 360 turn to get to your spot now.”
  • Mom: “You’d have already been in the spot if you listened to me the first time.”
  • Dad: “Just help me get into a parking spot where the car is straight behind the RV.”
  • Mom: “Stop right there … hey, why aren’t you stopping?”

Maybe Dad was concussed over the weekend.

We made it, and the car was straight to boot.


I immediately wanted to see all the sights, like the practice facility.


And this sign.


We were supposed to enter via the Oneida Nation Gate. So we headed toward the Oneida Nation Gate. Then I saw this sign:


I waited and waited, but on this day, I would not see Mason Crosby.

I waited outside of the Oneida Nation Gate, but on this day, I’d like to reiterate, I would not see Mason Crosby.


Take a look at the construction, pups.


Eventually, Mom & Dad would go inside – while I waited in the rig with the generator providing artificially chilled air for my comfort.




Later, storm clouds gathered around the stadium … probably appearing to smote the Chicago Bears.


So we left, heading south toward the Twin Cities … I know, I know, you’re saying “Bert, you were headed to the Manitowoc – Two Rivers area?” Right you are!


Catch this one, pups. Today, we met yet another set of Grandparents!! Did you know that you can have multiple sets of Grandparents? Double the fun, pups!

Dad’s parents took us on yet another odyssey otherwise known to the loyal reader as “Dad eats his way across Wisconsin.” Tonight, it was a perch plate lunch at The Dugout.


I know, you’re saying to yourself, “Bert, thank God Dad got a double portion of heart-healthy rye bread with dinner.” Agree. But Grandpa topped this, pups, by ordering a double portion of fish.

Pups, who really needs to consult a cardiologist? Me, with my fourteen pills a day and failing mitral valve, or Dad, with his fourteen consecutive days of overeating via steak and perch? You make the call.

I was so happy to get to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.


Name one human who doesn’t enjoy a liberal smathering of dog saliva across the face? Seriously, name one? I’ll wait for your reply.

Thought so!

Whether it was last night at Grandma and Grandpas, or tonight at another set of Grandma and Grandpas, I continue my quest to monitor all threats.


Well, it was another great day … with our trip well past the halfway mark, it’s time to really let these days soak in. Tonight, we’re letting the cold air of Lake Michigan soak into our rig. We’re staying at the Village Inn Hotel & RV Park in Two Rivers. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have an opportunity to dip into Lake Michigan in the next few days.

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