June 10: Clumsy

‘Sup pups?

Sometimes, things don’t go your way.

We had a chilly day, today. Temps in the mid 60s. Cloudy. It felt a lot like June at home.


So today was all about home-centric activities. Mom and Dad played games with Grandma, Grandpa and a fun nephew … nice folks, if I may be so bold. But home-centric activities can lead to problems. Like when Grandpa thrust his knee through a screen door at my Aunt and Uncle’s home. Or when Mom attempted a layup, clipped the support on the hoop, and tumbled her body to the ground in slow motion. Later, Dad punted a porcelain container filled with sugar packets onto the floor of Lates Restaurant (the event registered 88 whopping decibels). Yes, people were clumsy, and it wasn’t even a full moon.


In today’s installment of “Dad eats his way across Wisconsin:, Dad enjoyed a low-calorie combination of a Perch Sandwich, Chocolate Malted Milk infused with Frozen Custard, and Deep Fried Cheese Curds.


We were joined by my Aunt and Uncle for dinner and after-dinner festivities. These folks won a major award – an all-expense paid trip across the country. How fun! Their accomplishment is directionally similar to my accomplishment … I, too, am enjoying an all-expense paid trip across the country.

After dinner, Dad wanted to host a campfire. However, his Little Red Campfire had a propane problem, so Mom had to microwave smores. Nobody seemed to complain.


I didn’t complain either, because I got to enjoy a graham cracker.

But I did complain when dogs appeared on the television. I also noticed that my Aunt liked it when I barked at the TV for dogs, airplanes being transported on semi-trailers, or the Geico Gecko. So I hammed-it up for the family. Often.

When folks left, I put myself to bed. Dad said I was “over-tired”. I can’t argue with his spot-on assessment.

I heard that there is going to be a miniature golf tournament tomorrow. That should be a sweet deal.

P.S. Look at what Mom found inside the restaurant at Lates:


Read the creed that kids had to recite back in 1943. Holy cow! I don’t know who Hitler was, but an awful lot of kids in Manitowoc guzzled a ton of milk in an effort to defeat him. Props to the kids.

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