June 14: Big Day

‘Sup pups?

What a big day we had!

We started the day by attending my cousin’s baseball game.


This was big-time fun, pups. I love baseball. I get to sit on the grass, in the shade, watching a ball get tossed and batted all around the diamond.

In today’s installment of “Dad Eats His Way Across Wisconsin”, we take you to Panera Bread.


Yes, times are changing … as pounds are gained, calories are eliminated, all in a delicate balance designed to keep Dad looking fabulously fit and trim.

The afternoon offered an absolute bounty of entertainment for those not forced to sit in an air-conditioned recreational vehicle.

  1. Miniature Golf.
  2. Inflatable Trampoline.
  3. Water Sports.

I heard that my Mom got a hole-in-one in a most unconventional way. See, in miniature golf, the ball is not supposed to be propelled in an airborne fashion, much less chipped around a tree. So congrats go to Mom, and all the spoils that go with a hole-in-one.

The inflatable trampoline set new standards for redonkulousness. Here, my cousins and friends bounce around like ping-pong balls.


My Dad and my Uncle gave the unit a thorough shake-down. If I may be so bold, there is nothing more redonkulous than a 48-year-old man (my Dad) tripping and falling down an inflatable trampoline while a swarm of twelve-year olds facilitate his less-than-gracious plunge off the unit by bouncing and jumping vigorously.

Later, my Dad, Uncle, Cousins, and Friends all played basketball in the pool.


Eventually, I wanted to join them in the pool. There are three things I love in life.

  1. Water.
  2. Balls.
  3. Dad.

Put them all together, and I become half-crazed in my attempt to join the fray.



Of course, I was not permitted access to the pool area.

Exhausted, the clan receded to the confines of the RV for a grilled dinner. My Mom got my Cousin a birthday cake – chocolate – do you think an elderly corgi with a heart condition is allowed to consume chocolate? Heck no.

I begged for the opportunity to enjoy a morsel of human food.


Again, I was shunned.

You know what? I get shunned a lot. I cannot enter Supper Clubs, I cannot join my Dad in the pool, and I sure am not allowed to enjoy chocolate cake. Remember when Bill Cosby sang that song on his comedy special from the early 80s … “Daddy’s great, gave us the chocolate cake”? Well, that doesn’t apply to our rig, now does it?

Today was a big day. Tomorrow, too, is a big day. Mom and Dad tell me that we’re attending another baseball game tomorrow. I sure hope I get to sit on the field tomorrow, just like I got to do today. I heard the team we’re going to watch is called the “Brewers”.  It should be interesting.

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