June 15: Go Brewers Go!

‘Sup pups?

Where do I start? How about an alarm clock that went off at 6:45am? Now, of course, the sun had been up for nearly two hours by that time, but come on, man!!

We said goodbye to the kind folks who camped with us – sad to move on, but that’s been the theme during this trip. I don’t have enough toes to count the number of loving folks we’ve had to leave behind.

The count would be much greater by day’s end.

We drove north this morning, heading to Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers!



Check this out, pups … we had BUS PARKING!


We arrived at Miller Park as the parking lot opened … 10:10am! We were the second rig to arrive.

We had a huge throng of friends and family who joined us.

  • Aunt, Uncle, Cousin from the Twin Cities (Manitowoc, Two Rivers).
  • Aunt, Uncle, Two Cousins from Suburban Milwaukee.
  • Mom’s Cousin, Husband, Four Kids from Madison.
  • Mom’s Cousin, Husband, Son from Madison.
  • Mom & Dad’s friends from Madison – they came out to see me and actually saw the “Fail Mary” ending in person.
  • Mom’s Cousin, Boyfriend, Friend, Ex Husband, and Two Kids from Madison.

That’s twenty-six pups, pups.

Look at ’em all, as my Mom saw them from the roof of the RV:


That’s quite the collection of pups, don’t you think?

From time to time, I walked the grounds, sharing stories with my friends.


The heat was too much for me, so I decided to sit in an air-conditioned RV while everybody else attended the game. More than 42,000 folks were in attendance.


Late in the game, the roof was closed. At that time, the Brewers trailed by the smallest of margins, 5-4.


From there, the Cincinnati Reds blitzed the Brewer bullpen for eight runs in the final two innings … running away to a 13-4 victory.

BREAKING NEWS: Bob Uecker, long-time Brewer radio announcer, refuses to give Mom an autograph. Mom decided she wanted Bob Uecker to sign her Uecker jersey. Mid-game, she left the group, and entered the press box. Unsurprisingly, she was stopped by the staff at AM620 WTMJ before doing any damage. Mom asked for an autograph. The staff told Mom that there was a zero (0) percent chance of getting an autograph. Zero.

Undeterred, Mom asked how she could procure an autograph? A staffer told her there was a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of getting an autograph after the game, when Mr. Uecker walked to the elevator. Mom was told that he would be surrounded by an entourage, and she could ask Mr. Uecker at that time.

So with the score 13-4 in the bottom of the 9th inning, Mom leaves the clan and heads to the elevator. The game ends. She waits. And waits. And waits. And then, as predicted, Mr. Uecker arrives, surrounded by an entourage. Mom asks for an autograph.

On this day, Mom achieved the outcome that happens 999,999 times out of 1,000,000. But Mr. Uecker did offer a “hi” to Mom. As Mom said, “I’ll begrudgingly accept a polite hello, I’ll take it.”

Many of my pups came back to the rig for a post-game warm-down, complete with sub sandwiches. I so badly wanted to enjoy a sub sandwich, especially after hearing all about the Sausage Race at Miller Park.


We were the last of two rigs left in the parking lot.


As has become the norm, we had to say goodbye to all of these kind people.

But wait, there’s more!

We drove to our next campground, a paved slab of tundra at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. Chaos ensued. The road we were supposed to turn on was torn up and did not exist. When we finally got to our site, the RV refused to level itself. Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY should be forced to sleep at a 3.47 degree angle. We had to turn the RV around 180 degrees, in order to get the RV to level.

Next, Mom and Dad drove to meet up with the young lady from Oconomowoc who graduated last weekend … her entire family joined us for dinner at Maxie’s in Milwaukee. Dad, as has become his tradition in the State of Wisconsin, participated in yet another session of “Dad Eats His Way Across Wisconsin”. Tonight, it was a crawfish po-boy.


Then, my friends from Oconomowoc came over to say goodbye to me. I showed them my rig, we enjoyed desserts and a few beverages, and that was it.

The entire trip has been about seeing my favorite people, spending time with them, and then, sadly, having to say goodbye.

In fact, tomorrow, we begin our journey west. We have no set schedule. What I do know is that I saw hundreds of people in Wisconsin, people who I am so very fond of. It is very likely that I won’t see these people again, given the condition of my health. That makes me sad. But at the same time, what an opportunity – an opportunity to spend eighteen days with the nicest people in the Midwest. Now, we move on to the final leg of our journey, and it’s not a short leg (like mine) … it’s 2,100 mile leg.

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