June 18: Tornado Watch

‘Sup pups?

Lemme ask you a question … do those of you who live in the Midwest deal with tornadoes and severe thunderstorms on a daily basis? ‘Cause it sure seems that way. We had severe weather roll through La Crosse at about 5:30am … Dad peeked out the bedroom window like a coward, deemed the situation unsafe, and commanded me to go back to bed.

Not like I was going anywhere, anyway. I’m shot. Three weeks of events in Wisconsin, the catastrophic implosion of my intestinal system, and muggy temps in the upper 80s are diminishing my ability to persevere. So once we did get up and start the day, I just laid on the floor, woozy, and generally unresponsive.


Mom and Dad decided to drive west … a three hundred mile day that took us back to Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Park in Sioux Falls. To get there, we had to cross the mighty Mississippi River – and we had to dodge construction.


We arrive in Minnesota, and then we go up through the “Mississippi Mountains”, as the locals call ’em.





Let’s take a moment to address some pee-mail. Our first question comes from Roxy from Llanview. Roxy asks “Bert, what do you do during a 300 mile trip across the midwest? How do you spend your time?” Good question Roxy. Take a peek at this snap.


That’s my crate. I’m stuck in there like a common prisoner. With my dwarf-like legs, I’m unable to jump out of the top. I lay with my back to Mom and Dad for two reasons … first, to “stick it” to my Mom and Dad, to deny them access to my warm and thoroughly immersive personality. Second, and more important, I lay this way so that I can absorb a ton of air-conditioned¬†comfort. My back is cool, and so am I.

Our second pee-mail comes to us from Edgar in Port Washington. Edgar asks “Bert, did you really eat a pine cone, causing the intestinal discomfort you’ve written about over the past two days?” Another good question, Edgar! Photo imagery suggests that I did not truly eat a pine cone, but rather, I ingested grass, dog food from another dog, and a small amount of pine needles. “Dr. B”, one of the myriad of vets who are happy canine health care providers and is a charter member of “Team Bert” thinks I will be just fine. She called my Dad, all the way from West Salem, and is hopeful that I will resume the expulsion of bodily waste tomorrow, and when I do so, I will return to a normal routine. Time will tell, pups, time will tell.

Back to the live action. Did you know that I adore truck stops?


We finally made it to South Dakota, pups.


When bad weather is coming, you want to slow down, and take it all in.


There’s no need to race through the evening.


By the way, I am in no mood to look directly at Mom and Dad when they snap photos. This trend will continue through the end of the trip, now just a week-and-a-half away.


But I will acknowledge them when I find campground rules to be positively silly.


Picnic, anybody?


We headed back to the RV to hunker down for the severe storm that is sweeping through central South Dakota.


From what I hear, there are three big things to look forward to tomorrow.

  1. We’ll find out if we survive yet another evening of severe weather.
  2. We’ll get an opportunity to explore a palace made out of corn.
  3. We’ll get to see if my bowel movements return to normal.

It’s going to be a big day!

One thought on “June 18: Tornado Watch

  1. good morning Bert……what a great adventure you have had, my mom says that we are going on a road trip in two months she lets us read about your adventures everyday to get an idea about the truth about RV trips….she always makes it sound like fun, fun, fun.but now we are beginning to wonder…LOL she took us on a mini trip this last weekend…we had to spend time in my crate and that was not fun…..but mom says it is for our safety…..not much fun when i can’t look out the window…..well! thats about it, hope you have a good ‘movement’ day…

    your friends
    Livvy and little ms Tessa

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