June 19, Part 1

‘Sup pups?

Good news – I have resumed normal waste elimination activities … four times today, in fact! It’s hard to know, for sure, who is happier? Let’s just say that we started the day with three happy campers (more in a subsequent post about how we finished the day, in terms of happy campers). Kudos to Dr. B in West Salem (let’s call her “B2”, given that I have a cardiologist named “Dr. B”).

Allow me to introduce you to Eastern South Dakota.


That view expands all the way across the state, just with fewer trees and bigger uphill climbs as you progress on a westward trajectory. Four hundred miles, pups.

The excitement of the day would come to fruition in Mitchell, South Dakota. This town is home to one of the greatest tourist attractions in all of the Dakotas … the Corn Palace!


No, this isn’t a gated community … there was a lot of construction going on. You see, there’s a lot of money in corn these days.

We quickly checked out all the sights.


And Dad let me check my pee-mail.


That’s about all I could handle on a humid, 83 degree afternoon. I needed a quenching beverage.


Then I realized that my heart was unable to handle the conditions. I was gassed.


I refused to take another step. So Dad carried me three blocks back to the RV. That’s the state of affairs inside my body, folks, that’s where I am at. Nonetheless, it won’t stop me from having fun.

After I retired to the RV (enjoying generator-produced air conditioning), Mom and Dad visited the Corncessions Stand for some lunch.



Dad enjoyed corn chips with cheese and popcorn, while Mom sampled the corn dog. What is the overriding theme? I know, my humor is corny. But I thought the whole experience, including lunch, was amazing.

Mom and Dad returned to the RV, having enjoyed a cornucopia of activities. Notice that they didn’t park the RV in the corner of the lot. Dad scorns that kind of activity, and he represents the cornerstone of our family, so we do what he says, even if he had something stuck in his cornea.


A few hours later, we found ourselves at a truck stop. I walked the grounds.


And had a chat with my close friend.


Finally, we arrived at a the KOA Badlands Campground.


It’s a nice place, and we’ve stayed at a lot of nice places. But then, something happened, something that threatened my leadership position within the campground.


Labs waltzing through the campground with spherical devices, tightly clamped by canine teeth … what is the world coming to?

The campground was running a frybread special … Dad didn’t waste any time to sample the goods.


I waited patiently, but there would be no supplemental food for me on this beautiful Thursday evening. I’ll bet that stupid lab got to eat some delicious frybread.


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