June 22: Bad Internet Connection

‘Sup pups?

We are in West Yellowstone … and the internet connection is worse than the one you’d have obtained on one of those AOL CDs from the mid 1990s.

The biggest news of the day is this … IT IS COLD OUTSIDE! About 50 degrees during the day, and we’re supposed to get down to freezing tonight. IT IS DELIGHTFUL HERE! With cold temperatures, I could run all over downtown West Yellowstone without getting tired. It is THE BEST! In fact, I’ve established a mathematical relationship for walking distance.

  • 50 Degrees = 12 City Blocks.
  • 70 Degrees = 7 City Blocks.
  • 90 Degrees = 2 City Blocks.

Needless to say, we covered a whole bunch of city blocks tonight, in downtown West Yellowstone!

Since the internet connection is so bad, I can only upload one small collection of snaps for you today. Our connection tomorrow isn’t likely to be much better, so I offer you my humble and heart-felt apologies. I’ll try to give a full update once we have better internet access.



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