June 25: No More Pictures. No More. None

‘Sup pups?

We’re going to spend some time in Idaho over the next four days, pups. This means that Mom is going to go crazy snapping photos of the potato state.


Take a look at that image. That one is ok, don’t you think? You know why it is ok? BECAUSE I AM NOT IN THE IMAGE!

But then we stopped to fuel the rig, and Dad instructs Mom to snap a photo of me checking pee-mail.


What direction am I looking? Well, it certainly isn’t in the direction of the camera, is it? No way. Enough! By my count, Mom has taken somewhere north of two-thousand photos during this trip, with close to half depicting me. That’s a thousand times that Mom and/or Dad have yelled things like “PUPPERONI” or “WHO WANTS A TREAT?” or “LOOK AT ME, D—–“! In less than a week, it ends. No more photos.

Until then, I am traveling under protest.

But I wasn’t protesting our route today. We drove around the west side of the Grand Tetons, on the Idaho side of the mountains. Pups, if you ever get the chance to take US-26 from Idaho Falls to Jackson, please take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.




That’s the Snake River you’re looking at. It’s a major river, one that Dad is rather fond of, for reasons only known to Dad. Something about Evel Knievel and a failed jump.


We had an opportunity to head down to Salt Lake City, or to continue to Jackson.


We decided that “this is the place” is appropriate for Jackson, Wyoming. We continued along the Snake River.




After traveling nearly four hours to go just 130 miles, we arrived in Jackson, at The Virginian RV Park. We quickly set up the RV, then unhooked the car, and headed north to Grand Tetons National Park. This place is spectacular, pups!



The scenery was so spectacular that it left me feeling a bit woozy!


The scenery was just amazing, pups!



And then, Mom had to ruin the moment by … wait for it … wait for it … TRYING TO TAKE MY PICTURE AGAIN!


When Mom focuses on nature, everybody wins.


The mood was perfect. Great nature, great fun. Mom served me dinner, al fresco. But then she had to TAKE A PICTURE! Enough. I refused to acknowledge the request.


We finally returned to Jackson, where it appeared that travel had been set back at least one hundred years.


Mom and Dad decided to eat at The Gun Barrel (click here). Apparently, they serve drinks complemented with miniature guns.



From the looks of things, they also serve Buffalo Wings.


Tomorrow, we drive almost three hundred miles into South Central Idaho. Here’s my solemn promise to you, the loyal pup reading this series … I will not look at the camera tomorrow, or for the rest of the trip. It’s over. I’m done!


2 thoughts on “June 25: No More Pictures. No More. None

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Dennis and I laughed and cried over your daily trials and tribulations. You are super fun and your mom and dad take great pictures.

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