June 28: Blue Morning, Blue Day

‘Sup pups?

Won’t you see things my way?

Look, I cannot keep giving you these puns, gifted uses of phrases, or clever stories for free.

Why? Because our trip is a day away from coming to an end.

The theme of today was “blue”. As in the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon.

It wasn’t our intention to go through the Blue Mountains today. No way. The plan was to plod along for 130 miles to Boise, then have Dad go to stock car races in Meridian. But we got to Boise by 1:00pm. We got gas, and Mom gave the “forward” signal … right arm pointed to the windshield … meaning Dad’s right foot would mash the gas pedal.

Idaho offers an awful lot of views like this:


Or this:


Needless to say, we were thrilled to see this sign.


But our arrival in Oregon came with a mixed blessing. You see, we had to drive almost two hundred miles through the Blue Mountains. Yup, we qualified as “slower traffic”.


We prepared for the climb.


We went up, we went down. We left the Snake River in our wake.


Up, up, and away!


After two-and-a-half hours of ups and downs, we approached Pendleton, where we descended from the mountains down to the Columbia River valley.


Fortunately, we didn’t need to use the Runaway Truck Ramp!


We arrived in Pendleton around 4:00pm. I checked my pee-mail … then a decision … do we stop here, or do we push forward?

Mom pointed her right arm forward to the windshield … Dad mashed the gas pedal with his right foot!

We arrived in Washington State around 5:00pm – wow, we’re getting close to home!


South-Central Washington looks a lot like Idaho, or Oregon, or Nevada, or Utah.


How do you like the bug splatter in the middle of that image?

We hustled past the Tri-Cities. I checked pee-mail in Prosser, about 100 miles past Pendleton. It was 6:45pm. It was time for a decision. Should we stay, or should we go? Mom thrusted her right arm forward to the windshield … Dad mashed the gas pedal with his right foot!

We drove another eighty miles to Ellensburg. Ellensburg is just a little bit more than one-hundred miles east of Seattle, just across the Cascade Mountains. We’re staying at the Days Inn RV Campground. After 600 miles and ten hours of travel, I was sooooooo happy to get a travel break.


We’re just 185 miles from our ferry terminal. We plan on heading out early tomorrow, so that we can catch an afternoon ferry. We should be home by dinner time tomorrow night.


Tomorrow is the 46th and final day of a journey totaling 4,800 RV miles and nearly 1,000 car miles. We’ll wrap it up by traveling 20 miles on a ferry for a total of 40 ferry miles. I’ll need a week of rest just to decompress from the vacation!

One thought on “June 28: Blue Morning, Blue Day

  1. Hi Bert

    Loved reading your blog. Sounds like a fun trip. I wish Mom liked to travel but for her a three hour trip in the car is torture so I don’t get to do anything as fun as your journey. Someday maybe we can meet and you can tell me all about all the great places you smelled going across the country.


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