June 29: Home

‘Sup pups?

We started the day 180 miles from home. Things looked good, weather-wise.


But as you get closer to Snoqualmie Pass, things deteriorate.


As we approached the pass, things got wet.


By the way, take a look at the right hand lane, as we crossed over Snoqualmie Pass.


Do you know what a road that messed up feels like in a 26,000 pound recreational vehicle? Let’s just say that I got airborne in my crate on numerous occasions – and the sound of the rig disintegrating was somewhat unnerving.

We were up in the clouds, pups.


We finally descended down the west side of the Cascades.


We got to within 20 miles of Downtown Seattle.


We cut through the east side, barreling through Downtown Bellevue, finally seeing slightly improved weather (temps in the low 60s … Dad always gets frustrated that summer starts so late in the Pacific Northwest).


Around noon, we entered Anacortes, and closed in on our final destination.



At the toll both, we were assessed a nominal fee to put the RV on the ferry. Notice that the weather is improving.


I got to sit in Mom’s seat for the duration of our voyage.


We finally arrived in Friday Harbor!


Let’s be honest – town was lookin’ pretty good!


We followed a fellow recreational vehicle fanatic home.


We arrived home at 3:20pm this afternoon – Dad found a foot of grass covering the front lawn, but just about everything else looked pretty good, pups. Mom and Dad spent three hours unloading the rig. Tomorrow morning, Dad puts the rig on the 5:45am ferry – he should be home by late-morning. And with that, our excursion comes to an end.

We relaxed this evening. Mom made Tacos, Dad snapped photos of the sunset. This one was at 10:16pm.


Tomorrow, I’ll put a wrap on our grand adventure. It’s a can’t miss episode!



3 thoughts on “June 29: Home

  1. Whew!! Now all us “Pups” can take a breath too. The Lord was watching over you guys during your adventure and you made it home safely. Your Dad is “Da Man” when it comes to operating a “rig”. Of course Mom being the “Co-Pilot” gets much credit also. But YOU, Bert ‘ol buddy, deserve most of the accolades for weathering the ride of your life. Who knew what “stuff” you were made of to endure the constant adoration of your fans along the entire route. Now that you’re home, take some well deserved time off and rest up so that you can once again protect your folks from the UPS and FEDEX delivery people.

    Pee Ess: After tomorrow, we’re all gonna miss our daily dose of your antics. Keep us informed of any important happenings in the life of “Bert The Corgi”.

  2. So glad you all made it home safe and sound. We so enjoyed experiencing your traveos with you!

    Bill and Judy

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