June 30: Fin

‘Sup pups?

We just enjoyed a wonderful sunset, pups.


This might be the lesson of the trip, pups. From Mid-May to Late-June, the weather in the Pacific Northwest is not acceptable. It’s not bad, but it does not compare with the rest of the country. This, in large part, is why we took our RV trip. You have to understand, pups, that the vast majority of the country gets to enjoy nice temperatures in late Spring and early Summer. We wanted a piece of that action!

Boy, did we get a piece of that action! You should see the farmer’s tan that my Dad is possessing!

When we started this trip, I was just happy to be able to swim in warm conditions. It was mid-May, and I was thriving in Lake Chelan.


The weather was so good that I wanted to take a bite out of life!


Eventually, we had to head east, we had to make progress in our journey to the Midwest. I expressed my joy with extreme prejudice.


Along the way, I made good friends!


And I familiarized myself with the concept of the truck stop.


Of course, I had to learn what was happening in each area I visited. How did I learn what was happening? Pee-mail!!


What I learned, of course, is that the Midwest is STORMY. I don’t like storms … at all!


Fortunately, as Katy Perry has repeatedly told us, after every hurricane comes a rainbow. In the midwest, after every storm comes your fan club!!


In the midwest, the rainbow is FAMILY!!


I so loved visiting with family. My entire countenance shined!


I interacted with friends who questioned why one might partake in activity when “one could just sit!!”


On this trip, I learned that fiber is an essential part of a balanced diet.


But a dog is not given an unlimited diet – dogs, just so you all know, are not allowed in most human buildings.


Instead, we wait on the outside, even at Lambeau Field … hoping for a glimpse of what humans get to see.


But then, I got to see family – family, either in Wautoma or Manitowoc, was incredibly inclusive!!


In fact, I “Loves” myself some family!


The nice thing about June in the Midwest is that you can enjoy a campfire … whereas in the Pacific Northwest, you might have to dodge a raindrop or two.


Maybe the best part of June in Wisconsin is tailgating at a Milwaukee Brewer baseball game.


But humans sometimes limit my caloretic intake – which is not, in any way, shape or form, acceptable!


Eventually, we had to start heading back home. One of the real problems with Midwest weather is, well, how shall I put this … SEVERE WEATHER.


Honestly, severe thunderstorms frighten me. But not as much as the vet frightens me!


Honestly, pups, I had no choice. I couldn’t keep food down, and I couldn’t stop materials from exiting my hind quarters. I had to see the vet. Good thing, too, because I immediately started feeling better!

Armed with modern drugs, I was able to continue my trip back home – while keeping folks in the Middle East happy with money!


Eventually, you start feeling a bit “corny”.



And when you are feeling a bit corny, who better to snap you out of your funk than the Sinclair dinosaur??!!!!

As we headed back west, we went through the Badlands of Dakota … South Dakota!


My fans loved me in the Badlands!


Of course, my fans in West Yellowstone loved me more – both human and canine!


But all good things must come to an end. One of the things I wanted to see come to an end was the practice of Mom and Dad taking pictures of me!


IMG_2576 IMG_7880


Maybe the best part of the trip was having meals outside!


The outdoor meals were so good that I just wanted to wind down and relax each evening.


All good things must come to an end. Our trip ended yesterday. I got to see the end of the trip from the fabled “catbird seat”.


This brings us back to this evening … we enjoyed yet another great sunset.


You see, pups, we got home just in the nick of time. We can enjoy sunrises at around 4:00am, and we can enjoy sunsets around 11:00pm. It’s like it is never dark in the Seattle area in June!! And now that we’re staring July, we need to enjoy our eight week summer out here, north of Seattle. Surely you can understand, right?

Pups, I had such a great time. In what is likely to be my last summer, I got to cheat the typical eight week summer in the Northwest by enjoying a supplemental seven weeks in Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Oregon. That’s nine states, and some of the states are more boring than others, take my word for it!!

I am currently working on month ten of a six-to-twelve month diagnosis of my pending heart failure. I might have sixty days left, heck, I might have a full year left, given how things are going! This trip fully exceeded my expectations. My favorite part of the trip sure wasn’t riding in an RV – that’s a pretty miserable way to cross the country for a pup. Heck, we bounced up and down more than popcorn when riding in an RV!!

Honestly, the best part of the trip was family and friends. Family and Friends made the Midwest a WONDERFUL place to visit. I so miss each pair of Grandparents. Who knows if they will get an opportunity to see me again?

I don’t see Mom and Dad heading East anytime soon. They loved the trip, but they could have used additional opportunities to relax. Next winter, a trip to Northern Mexico is planned. I hope to be able to go, I so loved Pueto Pensaco the last time I visited, back in 2012.

I would like to take an opportunity to thank you, the loyal reader, for following along for the past seven weeks. Seeing fifty unique visitors on a daily basis motivated me to be more “Bert-like” than even I thought was possible! I don’t know if I will get to see all of you again. Rest assured that I loved seeing all of you.

I try not to think about what is coming. Instead, I try to focus on day-to-day activities. Today, my intestinal tract failed me again. I spent a lot of time hunkering down, hoping against hope to feel better. I have many outstanding moments, each and every day. During my happy moments, I take full advantage of the opportunities presented to me. During my unhealthy moments, I simply take a break on the cool surface known as the bathroom floor.

I spent a lot of time on the bathroom floor today.

If something should happen to my heath condition, I will notify you on this blog. If I spend additional time in the RV, I will notify you on this blog. I am so grateful that you spent nearly seven weeks sharing my adventure with me. Pray for me, give your good thoughts to the big Man upstairs. With luck, I will outlive all expectations for a dog in my condition.

Thank you, once again, for following along with me during the past seven weeks. I sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

















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