July 18 = Update

‘Sup pups?

Been back for nineteen days. During that time, I had a visit to our local vet. Guess what, pups? We think we’ve identified what is causing bowel problems.


Yup, it seems like I might have a sensitivity to chicken. Dad is only feeding me pre-cooked pork tenderloin, Mom is only feeding me dehydrated sweet potatoes and assorted dehydrated fruits, and I get my usual can of mashed slop per day. Everything moves through the system properly!


Today, I begin month 11 of the 6-12 month prognosis. I feel pretty darn good. Yesterday, I toured the docks at Roche Harbor.


I’m enjoying a Pacific Northwest summer (which began, like most do, on July 5).

Should my condition change, or should I get myself into trouble, I’ll be sure to update you here.

4 thoughts on “July 18 = Update

  1. Bert. So glad to hear you’ve found the culprit. Bowel issues can be a real bummer. I myself was at the vet for two days getting hydrated via an IV. They shaved my legs & my stomach, poked me with needles, pumped in fluids and made me stay in a cage all day. Mom visited me on day two and she & dad rescued me on day three. Got home last night all excited to finally sleep in my own bed and humiliation upon humiliation – they put a diaper on me. I just hung my head in defeated shame, too tired to resist. Thyroid meds are helping me get my energy back enough that I could terrorize the new ducklings in their pen this morning. Life is good – even when we’re not running on all our cylinders.

    Stay strong,


  2. Bert, you are going to live for years. It is so much fun reading your posts..You have the best parents in the whole world. We are happy you are home and having fun! While you were tripping across the United States, your friend Bentley, went to doggie heaven. We miss him every minute of every hour of every day. Hugs and smooches and belly scratches, from Doug and Alfa

  3. Hi Bert, wonderful news we RE VERY HAPPY FOR YOU. Also an upgrade from chicken to pork tenderloin seems pretty nice to me.

    Have a wonderful summer with mom and dad.

    Tom & Cheryl

  4. It was good to hear that you have solved your problem! We hope that you have a very fun summer and stay healthy!! Give your folks a hug for us!

    Bill and Judy

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