September 11 = Cle Elum, I Tell ‘Em!

‘Sup pups?

It’s a late summer / early fall trip across the Cascades to Cle Elum, sometimes known by the locals as the “Land of Enchantment”, ” or by others as, “Boy, the cars really hum by our quaint little city via the I-90 bypass, don’t they“?

We left yesterday. I ignited the trip with four bowl-based issues before we ever boarded the ferry. Yes, in case you were wondering, I’m not getting better. I am losing at least a pound a month, which means that thirty-three months from now, I become invisible. Of course, a heavy dose of anti-biotics, taken twice daily, keep the intestinal problems barely at bay. And I can only eat my canned mash and the occasional sweet potato chip, unsalted. That’s not much of a diet. There are so many things I crave.

  • Pop Tart crusts.
  • Pizza crusts.
  • Crusts of any kind.

Mom tried to feed me frozen green beans today, thinking it would fill my tummy. Have you ever had one of these disgusting things? Eating a couple of these flavorless vegetable zombies is a lot like gnawing on a pencil. A really, really cold pencil. What’s next, kale? Kale chips?

Anyway, we’re staying at the Sun Country Golf Course RV Park (click here). It is another one of those four paw establishments that we’ve been frequenting, except it is 38 degrees when you wake up in the morning at this place.

You just pop over the Cascades on I-90 to get here.




I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible during the trip.


Cle Elum is near a town called Rosyln. You all know which television program was filmed in Rosyln, right? Right? Of course, it was the CBS drama “Northern Exposure”! I checked my pea-mail at The Brick.


And I saw all the sights from the show.



Now, honestly, I limit my consumption of 90s television shows to Seinfeld, Blossom, and Quantum Leap. Nonetheless, this was a special treat, and I took full advantage of the opportunities presented to me.

We’ll be here for several more days. Mom has a seminar to attend well into early next week, and Dad claims he can work in the RV as easily as he can work from home. I guess that means I get to sit and watch Dad work. Oh, the boredom excitement!

One thought on “September 11 = Cle Elum, I Tell ‘Em!

  1. Glad to see you blogging again Bert! Tommy and I laughed hard at Camera in the poop and Tangerines. We are leaving the Wa Coast, heading south…..Blossom says woof!?

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