September 18 = In Hot Water

‘Sup pups?

Good news or bad news, what to tell you first?

Let’s start with the bad news.

I think the conversation went something like this:

  • Mom (opening door to talk to Dad, who is working outside while I monitor my surroundings): What the heck was that sound?
  • Dad: What sound?
  • Mom: It sounded like an explosion.
  • Dad: That was the siding on the RV.
  • Mom: Siding doesn’t explode, especially on an RV.
  • Dad: It’s a science thing. It was 35 degrees overnight, and we’re headed to a high temperature of 80 degrees.
  • Mom: I already know that.
  • Dad: Materials expand and contract when there are huge temperature swings.
  • Mom: They don’t explode, do they?
  • Dad: It can sound like an explosion. It’s been happening for the past three days.
  • Mom: Alright.
  • Dad: Don’t worry.

As I mentioned earlier, I was outside, monitoring the situation.


Meanwhile, inside the rig, Mom monitored something much more concerning … a flooded bathroom floor.

See, it turns out that the dynamic expansion and contraction of physical materials wrapping the recreational vehicle was not, in fact, what Dad was hearing. What both Mom and Dad heard, in reality, was the expansion of the hot water line leading to the rear bathroom sink … an expansion that weakened the line to the point of detonation.

The caused a chain reaction of issues that resulted in the premature end of our twelve-day trip.

  1. We had to get a water new line installed, which Dad both got and installed.
  2. Still, no hot water.
  3. The flooding of the bathroom floor appeared to have moistened the furnace compartment, resulting in the non-stop running of the 12V fan on the furnace.

Given the fact we didn’t have hot water and we had to deal with the non-stop running of the 12V fan on the furnace, Mom and Dad headed for the exits. We’re home now, pups, and cannot get the RV repaired until November 3. It’s an on-demand world, pups.

Time for some good news!!

By the way, yesterday was a big day. A BIG day! I reached twelve months of survival. I was given a 6-12 month sentence. Today, I propelled myself past that diagnosis, and am now working on my 13th month. It’s amazing what nearly 20 pills a day, taken for 365 consecutive days, will do for your health (and for Mom’s pocketbook). I celebrated the milestone by visiting my cardiologist. Of course he was happy to see me, and I was happy not to have to get blood drawn, so it was a win-win on many levels.

That’s the 411, pups!

4 thoughts on “September 18 = In Hot Water

  1. So sorry about the early termination of the trip but so glad about your health news. We are on the move, heading to Madras Oregon KOA, has a good Dog Park…..

  2. The RV is sounding more and more like a boat! Sorry your trip was cut short but glad to hear you are home so we can visit soon.

    Congrats Bert on month 13 – yeaaaahhhhh! And you know we are wishing you many more!
    Take care.

  3. Hey Bert ol’ Buddy, sooo glad that you’re still hanging in there.

    Your Dad seems a lot like the average American male who might mistake an expansion/contraction sound for an exploding water line. Can’t get it fixed until November eh, may be time to look at that “pusher” that you’ve been coveting.

    With the rig down, might be time for a little Autumn yachting. Have fun!

  4. Great news Bert, we wish you many more months. For Dad, what’s this we hear about coveting a diesel pusher?

    Tom & Cheryl

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