January 21 = On Top Of The World

‘Sup pups?

I’m now working on month seventeen of a six-to-twelve month diagnosis. So overall, kudos to me. Sure, I cough from time-to-time. But there are other times when I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world.


So we plod along, enjoying each day, barking at rogue canine interlopers on the television screen. I have an appointment with Dr. B in two weeks – you know as well as I do that those folks simply adore me! And who can blame them?

4 thoughts on “January 21 = On Top Of The World

  1. Congrats to you and your parents for your successful extra months of life on top of the world.  I can imagine it is an all consuming project for them.We have mentioned them several times this past week after the heartbreaking loss the Packers and their fans experienced last Sunday. We are in Arizona and Super Bowl Fever is as rampant as the flu here.Your friend and dog lover,MarySent from Mary’s iPad

  2. Good to hear Bert, we salute you! We are still hanging out in Southern California, the weather is like summer in Copalis….without the fog and fire works. Spend my days walking the Park, hanging at the dog park and sleeping, keeping Mom busy while Dad is in Las Vegas. That funny old man who takes over my sofa is in the hospital, what ever that is, and needs the Leader of our pack….Cheers from the desert Bert!

  3. You are adorable. Have a great doctors apt. Your folks are sure taking great care of you. Live every day you have with grace. You are a great example for the rest of us.

  4. Beautiful Photo. We are so happy for you Bert and you are truly an inspiration to all pups the world over. Take care of Mom and Dad as they recover from last weekend.

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