March 6 = It’s As If Spring Break Didn’t Even Happen

‘Sup pups?

With Mom busy, Dad says, ‘Spring Break, anybody’?

I’m in!

Of course, it’s fun to be in on a trip when Dad takes pictures. Otherwise, why would anybody bother taking a vacation? You vacation so that you can take pictures, and the pictures demonstrate to all of humanity how much fun you are having in 65 degree temperatures in March. Without the pictures, the trip didn’t happen.

So tonight, sitting here in the new rig, Dad copies over something like 196 imagesĀ from his phone. Except something goes sideways. The images are not on his phone. The images are not on his computer. And the images most certainly are not up in the cloud. They’re gone. It’s as if our trip never happened.

As best I can tell, only two images came over. This means that only two things happened on our brief Spring Break trip to Eastern Washington.

The most enjoyable event of the two Dad documented was our stop at Palouse Falls, down in Southeast Washington.


I was having a hard time locating the waterfall.

The only other image we have of our trip is this one of me hanging out during happy hour in Ellensburg.


That’s it. From a documentation standpoint, we only did two things. Forty-eight hours of driving madness and rampant tourism (including a visit to the confluence of the Snake River and the Columbia River) go undocumented.

Nicely done, Dad.

One thought on “March 6 = It’s As If Spring Break Didn’t Even Happen

  1. nice looking RV and i’ll bet your are happy that you don’t tow another vehicle…….how long is it???
    good to see Bert up and moving and enjoying life…….

    safe traveles

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