April 6 = My Wardrobe

‘Sup pups?

Last Friday, Dad and I spent three glorious hours getting a wardrobe installed in my our Winnebago Era.


I was offered the generous opportunity to sit under Dad’s chair as the installation progressed.


I think the real issue we are having is a squink that drives Dad nuts. Something about the styrofoam covering the hot water heater rubbing gently and loudly against the kitchen plumbing brings the worst out of Dad. That, and a Badger loss in the National Championship Game. Stay away from Tropical Storm Daddy.

In other news, a pod of transient orcas locomoted through the channel on Easter Sunday morning. I was there to cover the action.


Can you see the orcas behind me? Me neither!

This afternoon, Dad hinted that the two of us are taking the Era out for one final shakedown cruise before the first real trip.Your intrepid reporter will deliver you the details upon completion of the shakedown.

One thought on “April 6 = My Wardrobe

  1. Love you and your great sence of humor. I am excited to read your journals. You are a great reporter. You looked pretty cute under dad’s chair. See you soon. Aunt Claudine

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