May 9 = Orcas Island!

‘Sup pups?

I met with my cardiologist on Thursday. I’m sure all of you have a cardiologist that you visit on a quarterly basis. It’s a big part of the MommyDaddyCare plan that the government forces me to participate in. Anyway, my kidneys don’t like all the drugs I’m on, my heart disease is progressing a bit more than it had been, and most interestingly, my legs are starting to fail. I’m losing muscle mass in my rear hips, and my rear feet fold over when I walk. My cardiologist noticed the problem, too – he says it’s a disease called “Degenerative Myelopathy” – a canine version of Lou Gerhig’s disease. Mom and Dad told me that my great, great grandma had this disease as well. Oh, and I have a few lumps on my body that were very similar to the cancer I had a few years ago.

To recap:

  1. Failing heart.
  2. Failing nervous system.
  3. Skin cancer.

I still have my appetite!

And I still thoroughly enjoy RV trips. Last weekend, Mom and Dad took me to Orcas Island. You know what they have over there? GOATS!!


Those crazy kids refused to come out and play with me, but that’s ok.

The goats were at a Farmer’s Market. They have all sorts of fun stuff at Farmer’s Markets, and I’m not just talking aboutĀ unfettered quantities of kale. They had another corgi!


Unfortunately, this corgi, let’s name her “crabby” for illustrative purposes, was not interested in comparing notes about Orcas Island. Or anything.


Well, you can’t force ’em to love you, so we moved on. Dad made sure to park the rig near canine watering holes.


We spent a couple of nights at West Beach Resort – another one of those four paw places that Dad likes to frequent (click here). I immediately set out to take Dad down by the ocean.





I kinda ran out of real estate at that point.

Anyway, these four paw places are just what a corgi with crumblin’ health requires to stay vibrant, don’t you think?


Mom and Dad took me to a really fun place – it’s called “Mt. Constitution” – with sweeping views of Puget Sound, from Vancouver BC all the way down to Seattle. In this snap, Mom is trying to force me to look at an active volcano known as “Mt. Baker”. But I want to look north, to Canada. Guess who won that battle?


The trip left me exhausted – so tired that I demanded access to half of the bed in the new rig.


We’ve been back home for a few days. I’m absolutely enjoying the strangely temperate conditions and blue skies that so rarely grace our presence here in the Pacific Northwest.


And heck, even the trip to the cardiologist was, for the most part, just fine. It was a glorious day, weather-wise. Mom and Dad enjoyed a Gyro Picnic at a park – Dad even gave me small morsels of pita bread!


Then came the blood tests – oh my goodness! They kept trying to stick needles into my skin, in an effort to draw life-giving blood from my veins. What’s up with that? After spending a few minutes with medics, I was bandaged up and was back in the game.



So, I eagerly await our next adventure. Dad tells me it’s only a week or ten days away. I know where I’ll be!


Peace Out,


2 thoughts on “May 9 = Orcas Island!

  1. Hey Bert, we are in Las Vegas at The Oasis. Plenty of those gravel dog parks, and a big one out side the gate. They even have a no pets area, can you imagine? There is a black cat in the lay down area behind us, tempting me for a chase. We are slowly making our way toward Copalis, already extended a week. Good for me, lots of smells and things to see, and I take up an entire bed…..belly rubs for everyone!

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