June 8 = A Bruising Experience

‘Sup pups?

My body slows, but much like you, my desire to experience fun accelerates!

Sometimes, however, fun takes a back seat to bodily function.

We arrive at the ferry landing, preparing to board a ferry to Lopez Island. Now, Dad has been working my emotions all morning, telling me that I’m going for a ride. Ohhhhhhh baby! So when we show up at the ferry landing, my gastro-intestinal system is primed for action. I walk about two blocks … and then … I begin to stagger. Wobble. Saliva drips from my lips. A burning sensation ignites my hind quarters. You know what comes next, right?

Here’s what comes next.

As I complete my duties, inappropriately soiling my delicate hind quarters in the process, Dad notices that Lane 11 is boarding the ferry. Our rig is in Lane 11. Dad asks me to run, and at a rapid pace. I balk at his request. Dad pulls on the leash. I balk at his request, and for good reason … I have to dispense additional (moist) waste products. So I assume the fabled crouched position. Dad notices that every car in front of our RV in Lane 11 is now boarding the ferry. Dad scoops me up, runs me to the coach, and literally throws me at Mom. Throws me! Like a quarterback pitching a football in a jet sweep to the wide receiver in a college football game. Dad bellows to Mom “His rear end is full of you know what, don’t let his rear end touch anything.

Dad fires up the RV.

Dad puts the RV into gear.

Dad doesn’t tell Mom that the RV is about to accelerate, downhill, at close to thirty miles per hour.

Dad stomps on the gas pedal, mashing it to the floor board.

It is at this time that the laws of physics take over. Mom’s feet remain planted where we were. Mom’s head accelerates with the RV. The inconsistent and highly twisting motion, a torquing of Mom’s body if you will, sends Mom from a vertical position to a horizontal position, smashing her arm against drawer handles in the kitchen.

Seconds later, when Mom finally came to rest on the floor of the RV, Dad was already half-way to the ferry, wondering aloud why Mom was no longer able to breathe?

I guess the contact between Mom’s arm and the handle on the kitchen drawer bordered on the excessive:


That’s a meaty mess, folks. Mom tells me that, and I quote, “her arm hurts”. Heck, I can see all of the colors of the rainbow in that image. I told Mom, “it gets better”.

Apparently my bum made contact with a leather seat during the chaos … but outside of that, I didn’t leave residuals all over the rig as one might expect during an event as catastrophic as what Mom experienced.

Dad cleaned me up, Mom caught her breath, and we headed over to Lopez Island.

Mom and Dad took me to see the sights … though it was around 80 degrees, so I had minimal stamina. Still, I enjoyed the idea of eating deli food infused with mayo on a hot summer day.


Mom and Dad ate lunch while I sat in the RV.


Fortunately, Dad brought me back a small slice of bread while exchanging post-meal pleasantries.





Eating a slightly stale chunk of bread wears a Corgi out.


We eventually arrived at our campground … and as you can see, we had a fabulous view of elegant and functional garbage dumpsters.


I was stealthily hiding behind a tree for one simple reason … rabbits! It will be hard to make out the rabbit here, but trust me, this place was infested with bunnies.



Anyway, we thought we had our water heater and kitchen plumbing leak solved … no problems for seven consecutive days … and then, as we pack up to leave … we absorbed five drops of water. Five. So we’ll continue to try to figure out what is going on. It’s a mystery, folks.

Today, we checked out the home of friends who are traveling. On a warm day, I enjoyed shady grass.



We keep having fun, pups. Dad tells me that we have another trip coming up in a couple of weeks. He says we are going to visit a town where a television show is filmed … and that the town is in a foreign country. Sounds like I will need my puppy passport!

Peace out,


3 thoughts on “June 8 = A Bruising Experience

  1. Ohh, that hurts, Tori! I had a bruise like that on my hip from being up while the motor home was moving. Hope it’s feeling better now!

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