August 3 = Dog Days of Summer

‘Sup pups?

These are the fabled “dog days of summer”. Hot days, warm nights, and the persistent need to say hydrated. I ask, “Where is the water?”


Oh, it is right there! Wait … it’s only water? Where’s the lemonade?


When I was a wee-little pup, Mom and Dad gave me special treats. Those were the days.


The grass was taller back then, too … no drought to worry about.

At least Mom and Dad are willing to park the rig next to city-approved dog fluid restoration centers.


A few weeks back, my Grandma and Grandpa headed home after a lovely stay. Mom and Dad suggested we take our rig – leaky kitchen and all – to the Olympic Peninsula.


The map depicts a town called “Ocean Shores”. It’s not easy to get to, it’s isolated, and it is an AMAZING PLACE for a pup who loves beaches!


Even fettered with a leash, I could sense the possibilities!





Mom and Dad thought that the half-hour spent in a polluted, radiation-saturated ocean was more than enough for my sensitive constitution. They wanted to hit the road. However, I longed for more.


I begged for more.


I still longed for more.


But it was not to be. It was time to leave Ocean Shores.


We drove north a few miles, and spent a half-hour with friends who are staying up in Copalis. But then, we needed to proceed north … we didn’t have reservations, so we needed to find a place to stay before it got dark.

One problem.

Everything was booked – campgrounds, cabins, hotels, motels.

We drove north. And north. And north. We ended up in Forks. You may remember Forks from the Twilight movie series. The place is downright frightening, pups. There’s always the threat of an undead vampire or oversized wolf getting in a fight. But we got through the town just fine … no hotels, no motels, no loss of life.

Then we drove east … past Lake Crescent … through Port Angeles … still no room at the Inn for a pup in swaddling clothes. Mom and Dad were getting anxious. They called a Quality Inn hotel in Sequim. They waited. And waited. And then … ONE ROOM AVAILABLE, DOG FRIENDLY!

We drove to Sequim, a full twenty minutes east of Port Angeles. It was around eleven in the evening. Let me tell you, this place opened up their doors for pups like me. Did you know that they have a Facebook page? Did you know that they feature pups like me on their Facebook page? Don’t believe me? Click here to find out! I am famous!

After a well-deserved evening of sleep, we toured Sequim, found it to be to our liking, and then headed home – with a brief stay at the Swinomish Casino RV Park. There, Mom and Dad were able to find one of the two major leaks in our kitchen … the lid to the sink has two holes in the hinge, and those two holes allow water to flow, unimpeded, to the drawers and ultimately to the floor of the rig. Dad believes he addressed the other issue – the air gap in the hot water heater had to be reset. This week, we take the rig in to get fixed … little problems like the stereo changing stations when you walk through the rig … that kind of thing, ya know?

So that’s what I know. It’s the dog days of summer. Dad promised me a trip to a foreign country back in June, then failed to honor the request. He says we have a trip to a foreign country planned for the end of the month. He won’t tell me what country we’re headed to, but it will be my third country (USA, Mexico). Secretly, I’m hoping we’re headed to Iceland. I like cool weather.

5 thoughts on “August 3 = Dog Days of Summer

  1. Hey Burt ol’ buddy, we told you to go West young man. Sounds like you found the Olympics to your liking. Your fame is spreading once again as you are on that motels’ facebook page. Did you happen to see the other pup that was wearing his dark colored “Doggles”? Must’ve been from California.
    Glad that the “Rig’s” pesky problems are getting solved and tell your folks that a little splash of flavoring in your water every once and a while couldn’t hurt.
    Happy trails!

  2. We loved the visit Bert, and mom totally agrees about the Beach, it is the best. Hope you all come back, we have a tavern where we can all eat together in the beer garden…french fries!
    yours #stinkythingsonbeach#

  3. So great to see you have a great time at the beach. We met some cute Corgis on our trip, but none with your pizazz. Keep living life to the fullest. Love, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Tom

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